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I’m an avid crafter with many interests but my main passion is cross-stitching. I’ve been stitching since I was about 16. I started with basic kits but have since branched out into large scale tapestry type projects. I find it a very relaxing and a de-stressing past time and enjoy creating something beautiful that will last a lifetime.

This blog is intended to help people at all levels of the craft and hopefully dispel some of those cross-stitching granny stereotypes out there.

We have also developed a charting app to help people convert their own images into cross stitch charts allowing people to create their own one of a kind project.

Chart Designer

Other Crafts

I’ve also launched another site for non-stitching crafts such as jewelry making. Check it out at Artisanal Panda

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I look forward to connecting with other crafty people and would love to hear any comments, feedback or questions anyone may have.


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