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Find the closest DMC thread

Ever run out of a thread color with a few stitches of it still to go? Maybe you’re stitching a sampler and don’t need the exact color specified, just something close?

Even if you have a DMC color card, matching up the closest thread can be a challenge and time-consuming so we’ve taken some of the technology we developed for our pattern making app and made it available as a convenient nearest thread color matching tool.

Closest Thread Color Matching Tool

click image above to go to thread color match tool

WiFi Sharing QRCode Pattern Generator

Want to share your WiFi access with friends, family or others visitors? Maybe you provide it to your AirB&B guests? Add a touch of style by framing a stitched QR Code!

Use this tool to enter your network details and generate an easy-to-follow pattern to stitch it.

WiFi Sharing QRCode Pattern Generator

click image above to go to WiFi Sharing QRCode pattern generator

Check Your Chart

Have you seen an accurate mockup of the pattern you are about to start? If not, STOP! Don’t commit time, energy and materials to what could be a long-term project without checking first that the pattern is of a high enough quality.

Calculate the Fabric Size Required

Want to make sure you buy the correct size fabric or need to convert a pattern from one fabric stitch count to another?

Use this easy-to-use calculator to make sure you buy the right piece!

Fabric Size Calculator

click image above to go to fabric size calculator

Calculate Number of Skeins Required

Want to make sure you buy the correct number of skeins for your pattern? Use this handy calculator to work out how many to buy - especially useful if you’re stitching on a different fabric size to the one your pattern might show skein counts for.

Skein Count Calculator

click image to go to skein count calculator

Estimate Completion Time for Projects

Want to make sure you don’t over-commit to a tempting but large pattern? Use this handy calculator to estimate how long it will take based on how fast you stitch based off the time it took to complete a previous piece.

Take a reality check and don’t over-commit - that 999 x 725 pattern should look impressive but there’s rarely a need to go that large to get a very detailed and impressive piece and the materials for it could be expensive, especially if you end up getting discouraged and abandoning it.

Project Time Estimator

click image to go to project completion time estimator

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