Tools & Calculators

We've created a selection of Cross-Stitch related Tools & Calculators to make your stitching life easier!

Find the nearest alternative DMC threads to one selected

Find the closest DMC Thread

Need to find the nearest alternative thread color to substitute in a pattern? This tool allows you to select or enter any DMC code and will give you the best alternatives to use.

Find the nearest DMC threads that match a selected color

Generate Harmonic DMC Color Schemes

Generate color schemes using Complementary, Split Complementary, Analogous, Triadic, and Tetradic color-wheel theory with the results mapped to the closest DMC thread colors.

DMC Color Scheme Generator

Match the closest DMC Threads to a color

If you're not trying to match to an existing DMC Thread, but instead find the DMC Threads that are nearest to any color you select.

Generate a cross-stitch pattern to share your WiFi as a scannable QRCode

WiFi Sharing QRCode Pattern Generator

Do you share your WiFi network with visitors or Air B&B guests? Add a touch of class by cross-stitching the QR-Code with our WiFi Sharing Pattern Generator.

Compare two images to see how well a cross-stitch pattern has been converted

Compare Differences Between Two Images

To see how well an image was converted into a cross-stitch pattern, or to compare the output from two different conversion tools to find the best, use this tool to highlight the differences.

Calculate fabric size for different stitch counts based on pattern dimensions

Calculate the Fabric Size Required

Make sure the fabric you buy will be large enough for the cross-stitch pattern you are stitching using this easy to use calculator. Ideal if you need to convert between fabric sizes.

Calculate skeins required based on stitch count fabric size and stitching style

Calculate Number of Skeins Required

Don't buy too few or too many skeins by estimating how many you need using this calculator that uses the number of stitches, fabric size and your stitching style to calculate the number.

Estimate how long it will take to complete a cross-stitch pattern based on previous project time

Estimate Completion Time for Projects

Be careful you don't overcommit to a project or plan the size to work on to hit a target date by estimating the completion time based on the size and your stitching speed from previous projects.

Generate an accurate mockup from a cross-stitch PDF pattern

Check Your Chart

Unfortunately, when it comes to cross-stitch pattern quality, there are some real stinkers out there and some use misleading images instead of true mockups. This tool can generate an accurate mockup from a PDF pattern so you know what it will really look like when completed.

Let us know what you think and look-out for more cross-stitch tools, calculators and utilities coming soon!

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