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Cross-Stitch Completion Time Estimator

Reality check before you start a project

Estimate Completion Time for Projects

Want to make sure you don’t over-commit to a tempting but large pattern? Use this handy calculator to estimate how long it will take based on how fast you stitch based off the time it took to complete a previous piece.

Just enter the size of a piece that you’ve already complete (in stitches or inches + fabric count) and roughly how long it took you to complete in days, weeks, months or years (be honest, no one will see it but you!). Based on that the calculator will show the average number of stitches you complete per day.

Next enter the size of the pattern you’re considering (again, in stitches or in inches together with the fabric count) and the calculator will tell you how long that might take you based on the previous piece.

Don’t over-commit - that 999 x 725 pattern should look impressive but there’s rarely a need to go that large to get a very detailed and impressive piece and the materials for it could be expensive, especially if you end up getting discouraged and abandoning it.

Let us know what you think and look-out for more cross-stitch tools, calculators and utilities coming soon!

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