Amo Embroidery Floss

New DMC colors at a more affordable price



In 2017 DMC released 35 new colors, these were a great addition to the palette and filled in a few gaps when charting images. As more and more charting designers began to use them in their patterns, this meant that people using CXC and other more affordable Chinese brands did not have access to the full palette unless they reverted back to DMC for those colors.

Now a company call Grand Vision Textiles, using the brand name Amo, has released a batch of colors which are the same as the new 35 DMC colors. They are 100% Egyptian Cotton and feel very similar to DMC threads in texture.

amo threads 1-35 dmc

DMC bottom, Amo top

dmc amo threads compare

As you can see from the above photos the colors look identical.

They are slightly more expensive than CXC, I bought a complete set of the 1-35 colors from Aliexpress and paid $13 CAD, so that works out to $0.37 each. Although this is much cheaper than Michaels which currently charges $0.79 a skein. They took just over a week to be delivered.

Grand Vision Textiles is the manufacturer based on the label and they are made in China. The label looks very similar to Sullivan’s floss in fact one of mine that I received had a Sullivan’s top label rather than an Amo one so I’m guessing they are manufactured by the same company that has different versions of packaging.

amo floss

In the same way as CXC, to unwind the skein you need to dig beneath the larger label and pull up from there, don’t pull the obvious hanging thread from the bottom as you do with DMC otherwise you’ll end up with a tangled mess!

amo thread unwind

Coverage comparison

amo dmc comparison

They stitch up very nicely and I cannot see any significant difference between the Amo threads and the DMC thread - the coverage is the same and the colors are identical, with no more variance than you might see buying different dye batches of DMC thread. The sample above uses number 35 & 15. I had no issues with tangling or knotting while stitching. Overall Amo seems like a good quality floss and make a great addition to people’s stitching options at an affordable price.


I did wash my sample in warm water with Dawn dish soap after stitching and there was no running at all so they seem to be completely colourfast.

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