Compare Differences Between Two Images

To see how well an image was converted into a cross-stitch pattern, or to compare the output from two different conversion tools to find the best, use this tool to highlight the differences.

INSTRUCTIONS: drop two images onto the page and they will be displayed together with a handle to show one and hide the other. This “onion skinning” makes the difference between them clearer to see.

NOTE: the two images don’t need to be the exact same size but should be the same aspect ratio so they overlap each other correctly (aspect ratio is the proportion of width to height).

The default view shown are a conversion of this horse image using our own image to cross-stitch pattern conversion tool vs the latest version of MacStitch, both with comparable settings. We don't have to tell you there is a clear winner - our superior palette and conversion technology produces a higher quality cross-stitch pattern.

You can also compare the MacStitch verson against the original image or compare the Thread-Bare verson against the original image to see how closely each matches. Be sure to compare the overall image color, which should ideallty remain the same, as well as how much detail is retailed and whether parts of the pattern turn solid black.

Let us know what you think and look-out for more cross-stitch tools, calculators and utilities coming soon!

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