What is Cross Stitching?

History and Origins


History of cross stitching

Cross stitching is one of the oldest forms of stitching, historical examples of cross stitching are usually in the form of samplers, which are a combination of simple pictures or letters of the alphabet or both together

Example of a sampler

Example of a Sampler

Historically cross stitch was used to embellish and decorate household items such as table cloths and linens or to stitch initials to identify the owners. One of the oldest examples of cross stitch is at Pilgrim Hall Museum and it dates back to the 17th century

Early example of cross stitch and historical information can be found here:

Pilgrim Hall Museum

Today cross stitching has become very popular and people use it to complete tapestry styled pictures which can be framed and hung for decoration.

For me and many others it is a hobby that allows me to relax and de-stress and eventually create something beautiful which is rewarding and will last a lifetime. Personally I work on multiple projects depending on my mood although a lot of people focus solely on one until they are done, for me cross stitching is not necessarily about getting the most finishes possible (although it is always nice to finish) it’s more about the journey and having multiple project keeps my interest and stops me getting bogged down on one project - if cross stitching is becoming a chore you’re doing it wrong !