Cross-Stitch Chart Design How-To Tutorial Videos

Hints and tips for creating cross-stitch patterns



We’ve made a number of videos that you may find useful to show some of the options available in our app to convert images to cross-stitch charts plus some general hints and tips around color selection, dithering and correcting photo exposure.

Let us know if there is a tutorial you’d like to see us to cover in any future videos!

Creating a Cross-Stitch Chart from a Photo

Demonstration of the process to create a cross-stitch pattern from a photo to highlight how making large & impressive-looking charts isn’t difficult but isn’t always the best option.

Performance and Quality Improvements

Quick overview of the performance and quality improvements we’ve made to our cross-stitch pattern making app.

Auto Image Enhancement

New image effects make it easy to enhance your photos to produce better looking patterns.

New Dithering Options

New dithering options, why they are needed when making cross-stitch patterns and how to use them.

Advanced Image Options

Advanced image adjustment options

Color Balance (Temperature) and Hue

Why and how to adjust color balance or hue of an image

Color and Dithering in Cross-Stitch Patterns

Why color banding happens and how to prevent it.

Pattern Viewer and Progress Tracker

Using the pattern viewer to mark off completed stitches (no sound)

We’ll update this page with any more videos we make so check back and send us your suggestions for what you’d like to see or get in touch if you have a photo you are trying to convert and need some help figuring out how to make it look it’s best.

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