Happy Christmas from Thread-Bare!

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We started this blog just 8 months ago in April this year initially as simply a place to share information about cross-stitching and as a resource for people to learn from. Since then it has quickly turned into a much bigger project than we ever imagined or originally envisaged with the design and launch of our online pattern maker to make it quick and easy to create your own high quality charts from your images at a reasonable price.

There’s been some up and downs along the way but overall it’s been a lot of fun and the support and encouragement we have received from many people who share our love of stitching has been amazing and we love being part of this vibrant community of passionate stitchers!

So, as a thank-you to everyone and to celebrate our first xmas, here is a free chart. It’s deliberately made simple so you can work on it over the break once you’re full of turkey and bored of TV. It’s 198 x 160 stitches in 35 DMC colors and, depending on the fabric count, will work out to:

  • 14.25” x 11.50” with 14 Aida
  • 12.50” x 10.00” with 16 Aida
  • 11.00” x 9.00” with 18 Aida
  • 10.00” x 8.00” with 20 Aida
  • 9.00” x 7.25” with 22 Hardanger
  • 8.00” x 6.50” with 25 Evenweave
  • 7.00” x 5.75” with 28 Evenweave

Click the image below to download:

thread-bare christmas 2017 free chart

We have some exciting plans for 2018 so stay tuned !

Simon & Angharad - the Thread-Bare team

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