Work in Progress - Blue Dragon HAED

Large Dragon from Heaven & Earth Designs



This is one of my current large projects, I’ll be updating this post occasionally with pictures to show progress…

The design is called Blue Dragon, based on artwork by Kayomi Harai, the chart is available for purchase from Heaven and Earth Designs.

I’m stitching this on 18 count aida 2 stands over 1. Please excuse the creases and hoop marks these will wash out when I’m finished!

Started July 2015

Started picture

July 2015 first page completed

july end

September 2015

sept blue dragon

November 2015

blue dragon november 2015

March 2016

blue dragon march 2016

Pup for Scale

blue dragon pup for scale

Close up of details on the body

blue dragon close up

October 2016

blue dragon october 2016

Progress has slowed a bit as I’ve been working on other projects but I will get back to this one soon, looking at these pictures and writing this has made me want to get this one out again !

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