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Glossary of Common Cross-Stitching Terms and Descriptions

Common words and phrases used in cross stitching

If you hang out on any cross stitch forums or groups there are a number of terms and abbreviations you may come across, some of which can be quite confusing at first. Here is a list of explanations and definitions ….

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Basic Cross Stitching Technique Tutorial

How to begin cross-stitching

Let’s get stitching !! Here we will review the basic stitching techniques to get started with your cross stitching projects …

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Cross Stitching - Supplies

Fabric, Threads and Equipment

Let’s review the basic supplies needed to begin cross stitching …

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What is Cross Stitching?

History and Origins

The basic definition is to sew or embroider using crossed stitches to form a picture, one / and one \ stitch in each direction to form a X. The cross stitch is repeated numerous times to create a design. One important note here; it does not matter if you do the \ or / first as long as you are consistent and always have your top stitch pointing in the same direction across the whole design. Here are some examples….


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