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Tips for Tackling Large Scale Projects - Part 2

Preparing to make that first stitch

In our Tips for Tackling Large Scale Projects - Part 1 article we discussed setting the correct expectations for beginning a large project along with purchasing your supplies. Here we will look at how to prepare your supplies and getting organised along with planning where to begin stitching.

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How to begin your project...

Tips for Tackling Large Scale Projects - Part 1

Don't be intimidated - it's worth the effort

Like many people I began cross-stitching by purchasing pre-packaged kits with relatively simple, smaller designs with only a few colors. It can seem daunting to go from stitching small projects that were purchased as a kit to a large scale project that you have to kit up yourself.

I’ve seen many people comment on Facebook groups that there is no way they could ever tackle a large scale project such as a Heaven and Earth Designs as they would not know where to start. Here we will offer some suggestions to hopefully make your first large project more manageable and slightly less overwhelming…

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Cross-Stitch: Body vs Mind

Balancing the physical demands vs relaxation

Cross stitching, physically demanding? No really, it is a real thing that a lot of people may not realize can be a problem. Issues such as eye strain, neck / back pain, hand and wrist repetitive strain or just the problems that can arise from sitting for long periods of time. Here we will discuss these issues and offer suggestions to help reduce them. But it is not all doom and gloom there are many positive benefits to stitching so we will also look at those too !

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Tips for Stitching on Black or Dark Colored Fabrics

Unique challenges but distinctive results

Projects stitched on black fabric look amazing and really tend to make the colors within a design ‘pop’. However stitching on black or dark colored fabrics can be particularly hard on your eyes and in my experience is much more difficult than using the light colored fabric we’re more familiar with. Here we will discuss some tips for success and how to avoid frustrations when using dark fabric …

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Tips For Stitching With Variegated & Metallic Floss

Adding an extra dimension to your cross stitch projects

Specialty threads such as variegated and metallic floss can add a fun and interesting dimension to your projects but there are some things to keep in mind when using these types of floss to ensure success and avoid frustration!…..

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Basic Cross Stitching Technique Tutorial

How to begin cross-stitching

Let’s get stitching !! Here we will review the basic stitching techniques to get started with your cross stitching projects …

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