Gift Ideas for Cross Stitchers

What to buy the cross-stitcher in your life



Christmas, Birthdays or just “because”, buying gifts for someone’s hobby can be challenging. So what do you get as a gift for the cross-stitcher in your life?

First of all, don’t worry too much about buying something they may already have - sometimes people like to kit things up by project so having extra always helps. If they already have scissors for instance, don’t assume they won’t need or want another because you know what’s better than a nice pair of scissors? Two nice pairs of scissors!

We’ve put together some gift ideas for the cross stitcher in your life.

Collections and Special Tins

DMC have released a number of special collectors tins over the last few years - these are either speciality threads that tend to be more expensive or packs of a regular floss with collections of colors that complement each other

Mouline Etoile - DMC Collection - $70 USD

Mouline Etoile Collector tin

Diamant Metallic Collection - $42 USD


Popular Floss Collections - $30 USD

Popular Floss Pack DMC

Embroidery Scissors and Snips

Fancy Embroidery Scissors - $10 USD

You can never have too many pairs of scissors! A fancy decorative pair of scissors will always be welcome. Having nice tools to use often makes you enjoy working on your piece that little bit more.

Embroidery scissors

Singer Thread Snips - $14 CAD

These are found in quilting and sewing departments but are awesome for stitching too. I have a pair of these and now use them for every project. Super sharp

Singer Thread Snips

Color Thread Card

Color Card DMC - $25 -$60

These can sometimes be hard to find (hence the price range) but are very useful and not necessarily something someone would buy for themselves so maybe a luxury item for many people. The shade cards with real threads are far superior than the printed version.

Color card DMC


Cross stitchers can never have enough light to stitch under! A headlamp is a good alternative to a regular lamp which can be more difficult to get in the right place and it also impacts everyone in the room. See our previous post where we reviewed the BioLite Headlamp. This is an awesome lightweight option costing around $60 CAD and is also generally useful if you go camping or have a back-yard firepit.

Bio-Lite Headlamp

Sassy Mug or Clothing

Always a fun option, how about a cross-stitch themed mug or t-shirt? There are many options available on Etsy for around $15 – $30.

Printed Mug


Cross Stitch Magazine Subscription

$50 – $60 for 6 months, although there are often deals on these. As well as the hard-copy print editions you can also get many magazine subscriptions digitally which could be great if they also use a tablet to stitch from (see below).

world of cross stitching


Having background noise from audio books, pod casts or binge watching TV shows while stitching is very popular with lots of stitchers:

  • Audible - $160/year CAD
  • Netflix - $10 – $15/month CAD
  • Disney plus - $90/year CAD


The traditional way to track your progress is to work from a printed pattern, marking it off with pencil or highlighter, which still works of course but nowadays you can work electronically which offers a number of benefits:

  • Your progress can be backed up to the cloud so there’s less risk of losing it
  • You can zoom in to have symbols at whatever size you need
  • Easier to follow without having to deal with overlapping stitches across pages
  • Paper can become worn over time, especially with long-term projects
  • You don’t have a pencil or pen which could accidentally mark your piece
  • You can see information about your progress over time or share it online

You don’t need the absolute latest and greatest iPad although I’m sure that would be a wonderful gift for anyone to receive if your budget stretches that high!. Well worth considering are the low cost Amazon Fire HD tablets which can often be had for around $50 on Prime day or Black Friday / Cyber Monday and in sales at other times of the year.

We’re currently developing a viewer app to work specifically with these devices (and others, such as phones and older iPads) which will provide a low-cost way of moving into the ‘digital pattern tracking’ age. Checkout our facebook group to see a sneak-peak and monitor our progress.

Thread-Bare Pattern Tracking App

Hopefully this gives you some ideas for gifts for your cross stitcher !

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