Happy Independence Day!

Free chart designed by Thread-Bare to mark Independence Day



Happy Independence Day to all our American friends !

We are releasing this free chart to mark the occasion based on the image below:


The same pattern is available in 3 different print sizes. These charts were created using the new thread-bare pattern making tool that we’re working on and hope to make available online very soon. If you stitch it, we’d love if you sent us images of your completed work!

We have been working hard on making our pattern designs easy to follow which is why we provide alternative print sizes so you can choose the one you prefer. The symbols we use are specifically selected to be clear and unambiguous to help reduce the risk of errors while you stitch and we also try to avoid symbols that, when combined, might be difficult to read (or make you go cross eyed when many are together in slightly different directions!)

We also add an index sheet to show where on the pattern each page is and include pointers to which page each edge continues on - little touches to help make your stitching experience easier and patterns easier to navigate.

clear pattern symbols and navigation

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