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Size, Color, Sharpening & Dithering for Custom Cross-Stitch Chart Design

Choosing the best options to produce great looking patterns

Completing a rich, beautiful cross-stitch piece can take a long period of time and considerable effort as well as the cost of materials involved. If you’re going to work on even a moderate sized piece, you want to be sure it’s going to look good before you start. It all begins with the patten design to create the best chart possible..

But there’s always a balance to find. Of course making the pattern incredibly detailed and using every color in the DMC palette will look absolutely fantastic - but it will also add to the time, effort and cost to complete. Often you can reduce the size or reduce the number of colors without any noticeable impact on the finished design. In fact, using the right options can make it look even better while also making it easier and less expensive to produce.

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Here's what to consider when creating a cross-stitch pattern ...

Glossary of Common Cross-Stitching Terms and Descriptions

Common words and phrases used in cross stitching

If you hang out on any cross stitch forums or groups there are a number of terms and abbreviations you may come across, some of which can be quite confusing at first. Here is a list of explanations and definitions ….

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Changing the Perception of Cross-Stitching - One Stitch at a Time

It's time to lose the kitschy granny stereotype

Why do you bother with that? How much did it cost? I couldn’t be bothered with all that, What’s the point? Wow how old are you? granny crafting… old lady hobby … my grandma used to do that … I didn’t think anyone young did that anymore ……

These are just some of the comments I and many other cross stitchers have heard so many times when we say I like to cross-stitch never-mind the surprised or puzzled looks and smirks.

Is it really fair and accurate?.....

Basic Cross Stitching Technique Tutorial

How to begin cross-stitching

Let’s get stitching !! Here we will review the basic stitching techniques to get started with your cross stitching projects …

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Work in Progress - Blue Dragon HAED

Large Dragon from Heaven & Earth Designs

This is one of my current large projects, I’ll be updating this post occasionally with pictures to show progress….

The design is called Blue Dragon, based on artwork by Kayomi Harai, the chart is available for purchase from Heaven and Earth Designs.

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Examples of Coverage Across Different Thread Counts

Choosing the right number of strands for your material

As I described in my previous article on supplies, after you have chosen the fabric you will use for your project you need to decide how many strands of floss you will use to stitch. Let’s look at some examples….


thread-count aida evenweave fabric

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Cross Stitching - Supplies

Fabric, Threads and Equipment

Let’s review the basic supplies needed to begin cross stitching …

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What is Cross Stitching?

History and Origins

The basic definition is to sew or embroider using crossed stitches to form a picture, one / and one \ stitch in each direction to form a X. The cross stitch is repeated numerous times to create a design. One important note here; it does not matter if you do the \ or / first as long as you are consistent and always have your top stitch pointing in the same direction across the whole design. Here are some examples….


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Welcome to Thread-Bare, home of all things needlework and general crafting. We are just getting started but here is some of the content you can expect to see in the near future so please come back for another visit soon …

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